Now is not too early to be thinking about the end-of-year exam and preparing for it.

You probably studied your first text in Term 1, so why not skim through it again over the holidays?

If it was for the ‘Reading and Responding’ area of the course, you should be looking for key quotes. Try to find at least 50 and type them up on computer so that you can print them out in large font and display them on the walls of your bedroom before the exam.

If the text was for ‘Creating and Presenting’ you should be looking for key ideas to draw on as stimulus for your piece of Context writing. Do some research for more information connected to your Context during this holiday break and maybe you could write some short pieces on a given prompt.

Here is a sample prompt for each Context:

  1. The imaginative landscape

What we imagine about the landscape can have a more powerful impact on us than the landscape itself.

  1. Whose reality?

Nothing is true unless we believe it to be true.

  1. Encountering conflict

The perpetrators of conflict can suffer just as much as the victims.

  1. Exploring issues of identity and belonging

We are a product of those around us.

Finally, you should be practising writing essays in one hour only. Why not download a past exam paper and use the topics, prompt and Section C text?

It’s not too early to practise for the exam!

Good luck!