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Here’s links to the resources referred to in the VCEnglish app.
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• Essays by Hugh Mackay 
(Note that the site requires you to join up before you can access the essays.)

Expository feature article

• ‘Lingering scars of school bullying’ by Martin Flanagan

• ‘Anti-war poems can counter hero worship’ by Christopher Bantick
(Note that The Australian requires you to subscribe before being able to access the article.)

• ‘What we wear is really to die for’ by Suzy Freeman-Greene

• Example of a submission (PDF file)

Other useful websites include:

• At the Movies
• Internet Movie Database
• Australian Bureau of Statistics
• Amnesty international

Answer to Brain Teaser in the VCEnglish app (please don’t peek until you’ve really tried it and only if you’re absolutely stuck):

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