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iPhone3VCEnglish contains many great features to help students achieve success in VCE English/EAL (formerly ESL).

You’ll find a thorough explanation of the course and exam requirements, valuable information about assessment tasks, quizzes to hone basic skills, and many helpful tips and suggestions.

The app is designed to improve the skills and knowledge required in all areas of VCE English. Furthermore, many aspects of the app are suitable for students of senior English courses anywhere in Australia, even overseas.

Also useful for teachers – teachers of English at any level.

For a one-off purchase of $5.99, VCEnglish is like having a tutor in your pocket or bag, 24/7!
Just select the area of study from the home menu and tap on the specific information that you need. It’s too easy.
The Tab Bar lets you navigate with ease, always allowing you to return to where you left off.
Everything you need to know is explained simply and clearly. And if the answer you seek is not there, just email us by clicking Ask a Question!
Just follow these handy hints and you are on your way to success!

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